At any time, Denn Data gives you the information about your daily, weekly or monthly machine’s production; it also informs you about the machine’s downtimes.

Optimize your metalforming

See all your process parameters and using the graphic information, optimize the quality and cycle times of your products.

Measure energy

You will know the energy consumption of your machine and thus, you can calculate your parts’ manufacturing cost and improve your quotations.

Proactive maintenance

Study of the alerts trend on your machine in order to foresee the maintenance actions and spares.

Over 20+ unique indicators and views
and costumizable components.

Metalforming monitoring

See the graphics and parameters of several parts at once and thus, you can compare them and take improvement actions.

Visual indicators and trends

See your productivity trends and optimize your fabrication and get production statistics.



Choose your notifications and be informed of your machine status. Receive advises of all the critical parameters.

Full responsive

Always have last minute information in your device. Denn Data is always updated and synchronized.

Learn more about your metalforming process
linking Denn Cad-Cam and Denn Traces.

Historize all your Denn Cad-Cam and Traces

  • Make graphics of the process variables of any part you wish.
  • Export process data to your computer.
  • Compare parts processes and make a quality analysis of them.
  • Know your needs better to define your future machine.

Take your DENN machine with you everywhere,
accesing tha data in any device.

Perfectly designed

DENN’s team in cooperation with the TECNALIA Research have developed a web app prepared to show you how your machine is working at anytime from anywhere. You only need to have your user’s name and password in order to check your machine’s historic (productions, consumptions, alarms, and so on.)


Closer relationship

The new app makes manufacturer-user relationship closer, as DENN can help you to improve production efficiency and show you how to better know your machine’s functions in order to avoid production stops.

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